Friday, March 4, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

Tonight, I want to celebrate two of my favourite designers

Rhapzody Wilde & the Mynerva skins


Drinkinstein Sorbet & The Sea Hole clothing

Silver sequins

* The gorgeous skin is one of the four Mynerva group gifts, previously blogged here by Catherine (only L$50 to join the group).

* The fabulous sequin top and silver jeans are from The Sea Hole (L$115 and L$99)

NB: I would like to add that I only blog what I really like and what I actually wear. Bullying me into blogging your stuff (you know who you are) because 1- it's free or 2-you think you make the best 'I love my Dad t-shirts' or 3- you had lunch with Barack Obama, will not make me want to do it. Manners go a long way, in both lives! *smiles*

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