Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MIX & MATCH Hunt Sneak Peek (2/?)

Hi!!! You can't imagine all the great items this hunt is giving away, all are unique and I want them all that I'd like to have many hands so I can take many pics and show you more lol. But don't worry I'll blog as fast as my laptop and SL allow me lmao Now let's move on to the prizes!!.

I would call this pic: "I'll be your light" XD Remember my last post about Adoness Hair? Well this is the coffee color type AND the matching wings comes with it too! (the black hair has pink matching wings btw) And when I turned on my "high" graphic preferences on mi Viewer 2.6 (or something like that...) the wings seem to bright harder, which made me change all background to black XD.

Thanks to DreamScape Inc. for the matching blue outfit and pumps (i love this kind of pumps and I didn't have that color!! so yay!!) And if you try on the pants don't think you're the only one that carries them unbuttoned they are cool like that! lol! Thank you Pinkah Breen for making this gift for us!

OMG I haven't realized until NOW that I'm tipying this that both photos have butterflies on it! LMAO!! So related pics hahaha This Coca & Wolf skin called Antagonistic Decent is simply gorgeous! I wanted to lay on a green grass all naked... ermm ok no I won't go around sl like that (I remember last time I arrived to a PG sim all naked by mistake... I still blush hahaha)Anyway thanks Coca Faxel for such amazing gift! (there's also a shape inside the giftbox I'm not showing)

Big thanks to Samia Bechir from Attitudes for the Lourmel lingerie set, really made me feel all girly and sexy rawr!

Here's a close up of the skin, that I matched with this brand new Emma hair by

Milana (Thank you Asuka Martin!!!)

I'll bring more stay tuned!!

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