Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ashli Designs Gifts

Ashli Designs has more group gifts out...woot! A word from Ashli, "I start all of my designs by scratch , I never use the same templates nor the wrinkles. They are all original." You have to love a girl like that, especially when her creations look so amazing.

There are a few gifts, so I won't get too wordy on you. *smiles*

First is Lyn, a free gift in a bag by the door, no groups required.
Ashli - Lyn, Everyone gift

If you are in the Ashli Designs Group (join fee only 200L) or the Ashli Prestige Group, you get this lovely Charity gown with bracelet and earrings. This color is an exclusive group gift, but it's available to buy in red, black, blue, and purple. A NEW GROUP GIFT EVERY MONTH!
Ashli - Charity, group gift with jewelry

Now if you are in the Ashli Prestige Group (join fee only 1050L), you not only get these two amazing dresses, but you have the opportunity to buy more colors as well as lots of other designs for ONLY 50L or less! NEW GROUP GIFTS EVERY MONTH! (That's gifts, with an S *winks*)

Freedom comes in teal, pink, purple, green, red, & white. Comes with bracelet, earrings, and necklace.
Ashli - Freedom, Prestige group gift with jewelry

Whispers comes in green, blue, red, & black. It can be worn as a regular skirt, or with a sexy string style skirt. Comes with bracelet and earrings also.
Ashli - Whispers, Prestige group gift with jewelry reg

With the string skirt.
Ashli - Whispers, Prestige group gift with jewelry strings

One more thing, Ashli also has this super cute and sexy Itty dress in the LOW Sale this week for only 129L. It comes with the adorable lace cuffs and hair piece.

Don't miss any of these great gifts and sale creations from Ashli Designs! And be sure to visit the LOW Sale blog for more great deals this week.


Catherine Brooks said...

It's wonderful designs of the gift.I love all the pictures in to the blog post.
groomsmen gifts

Kayla Bombastic said...

I know, Ashli has some lovely designs. *smiles*
Thank you, Catherine. Marg has given me some great advice for using Picnik and Flickr. Yay!