Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello!!! I've been jumping from store to store picking up some items, deciding which hunt should I start lol, anyway I've been going crazy as USUAL :D

Let's set some order :D


Timeless Treasures Hunt has just started and I read about the participating stores (on the blog) and ran inmediately to the ones I was curious about XD. I had to stop cuz I was about to get blid forever lmao, my hunting skills are getting worse haha. But at least I managed to grab this gown called Cushnie at EVOLVE and the Crown Hair by Eshi Otawara (this store has 4 prizes, I found 2, I'm sooo lazy lol)

Have you ever had an exam and 4 hours before it starts your teacher sends you some hard hard questions as an example, just to get you more nervous? LMAO! That happened to me today! And this was my face:


BUT I just told myself to calm down and thanks God I did it ok :D yay!


And I bet you're just reading waiting for me to tell ya where did I get that lovely dress and this awesome poncho? Ha!! Psychotropia is the answer ladies, these are FREE Group gifts so you better hurry!!!

How could I forget to tell you about the Timeless Treasures Hunt prize from
Purrfect 10???? The "oh so gorgeous" serenity amethyst rose heels I'm wearing on some pics from the post, they rock!!.

Yawn! After the exam I get all relaxed and ready to start all over again (until next exam in 2 weeks) haha, so I can dress all casual and comfy with this sweater that
Glam affair has given as a group gift (30L Fee but VERY WELL WORTH IT, I'll always say it), the other top is from the SOM of Hucci that Teena blogged few days ago. :)

And my casual look would have been incomplete without these *NEW* jeans from
SE*Designz that are 150L each, I like to wear the slim version but you can always add the cuffs :D They look really cool!! And if you want it low rise baby they are perfect!. Thanks Stella Eaton!!


Well I think I should get some sleep now, you all take careeeee. muaw!


KawaiiNicole Piers said...

Nice use of color.

Anonymous said...

Aw ty KawaiiNicole :)