Friday, May 27, 2011

All about her

Hello darlings, it's been a while since I wrote here (because blog hates me and wouldn't let me publish) lmao, so I'm gonna try a short quick post to see if we're ok again :) (update before publish: it didn't let me, Marg did it *cries*)


I LOVE my soft loosey braid and you can get this hair style for FREE at Vive Nine Outfiters, it's called Wang in Lovebite color, the mix of colors is also good. Inside the pack you can fin another colors too.

My skin is Kimi in pale tone natural makeup, just a reminder
Filthy's having a super 50% sale until May 29th hurry!!!

Yummy pumps in purple by G*Field, got them at the Shoe Fair but they are also available at the mainstore, don't forget to pick up the yellow long cute dress for FREE from the suscribo.

Big thanks to Cat for giving me all those amazing pose she's doing for
BENT!, this one is part of her Bloom Dolls serie and it's called Sit Petite :) Thank youu!

Big kisses to all!

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