Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Flash Mob

Flash Mobs are everywhere these days, from protests to just plain silliness, but they usually fail to include one very important aspect - ME! How can you have a flash mob without Flash? It's just... wrong! So, to right a wrong, I gathered a few people, I asked for volunteers in group chat, in fact I asked in the wrong group initially and no-one seemed keen, then I asked in the right group and found out I can apparently just grab people randomly! That rocks!

So we all went and got these amazing free coats from SF Designs. Male and female, and free for May! This is the gift on the grid right now in my eyes.

The next dilemma was where do you do a Flash Mob photoshoot? Well... You know how pose stores always have big signs saying "This is not a photo studio - no snapshhots allowed"? Yeah, I'd like to thank the good folks at Embody for... well, going to sleep! I have to say, it is way easier to smuggle six Matrix wannabes in for a covert photoshoot when the store owner has just said "goodnight" to you.

The Flash Mob

Erm, yeah. Give us big leather jackets and we break the rules. That vendor behind us? It's for "The It Crowd". Pfft! Like they can compete with The Flash Mob! My posse grabbed the poseballs from right under their noses! Wimps! You just don't mess with that much leather and skin I'm telling you now! As the leader I just adopted the casual Superhero pose they tried to hide in the store, because my mob was too big for their crowd!

Nuff respect to the mob; from left to right we have Marg-OH!, Darkberri, Hodaya, M-Fishy, Foxhound Fauna, and Phoxy Paco! And of course, putting the Flash in Flash Mob, moi! Top marks to everyone, especially given they all had better things to do (including sleep).

I should technically point out my pants are the His Style gift from LNL, although I'll confess I cast a few jealous eyes over Manu and Paco's leather pants from 22769 (one of them's a group gift there). My boots also came from the His Style hunt but I was zooming into the female skin so much I kinda cropped them by accident...


Lyrilen said...

Super awesome - I'm on my way to get my coat now.

Lucie Bluebird said...

FYI, we don't mind if people take pics in our store. And feel free to Flash Mob us anytime. We looove traffic! ~Lucie