Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Death By Prada

I have been trying to work out some time to take personal photos with these items, but things are just not falling into place. But I did not want to let that stop me from spotlighting these super fun and cool creations for you before they are gone!

Ladies, when you've had enough and just can't take it anymore, why not throw a shoe to vent some frustration? And if you happen to hit something, all the better! *laughs* Serioulsy, I just love the "Death by Prada!" concept from PRO Loon, it has me giggling every time. And for only 49$L, you can't beat the stress relief.
PRO Loon 2

Men, have you seen a few shoes fly by your head recently? Well Ear Candy has the perfect solution for you, the "I'm Sorry" Tray! Even if you don't know what you did wrong, it can't hurt to make her all mushy inside. *winks* And at 30$L, it's much cheaper than buying her new shoes.
Ear Candy

So after the drama is over and you've made up, why not have a cuddly Teddy Bear fight with the Blaster from Fire GOOD!!!? It's a great way to bring some fun back and get you both laughing. It's only 50$L and can be purchased on Market Place too.

Don't forget, 66 of the merchants in the T sale have items priced 100$L and LOWer until midnight Thursday! View them all HERE!


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