Saturday, May 14, 2011

Learning to fly


Wouldn't you like to be able to fly? I would love to! My sister not so much she's scared on heights lol, what secret power would you like to have? I think I'd say reading minds or being invisible to sneak everywhere lmao just kidding, here's my look for you:

Find this complete outfit for 2L only at
American Bazaar it's the women gift of the month.

Then "fly" to
Kristica to try this Tata shoes, they feel so light that won't be a trouble for flying lol. Thank you Kristic Furman!!

Have you noticed my yummy lipgloss?? Missqwerty Pevensey from
American Bazaar has released her first makeup yay! 35L per lipstick or 100L for the fatpack. Thank you Miss!


The simple rosary is a FREE Group gift from Toxic Kitty, also there's a pair of boots for free.

Well happy Sunday!

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