Saturday, May 7, 2011

I See No Hats!

Something I love about hunting is usually Midnight Mania boards are way more generous, so despite doing the His Style hunt (first impressions, good hunt - about 40 stores so nicely manageable, some nice mind benders and some good stores and gifts) I have been collecting a whole bunch of freebies too. And yes, this morning I won one which I was really excited about - "Like that hat I saw at that wedding..." by Abundantia.

Not everyone can pull off a hat like that but Beatrice and I are that cool, so I think I'll take a photo to send her. That's to the good people at Embody's new pose I even had a nice picture frame I could hold up to save time and money on framing the photo properly! So I grabbed the Ethan Blazer outfit that DragonLady's Closet put into the His Style hunt and got posing. And then...

I See No Hats

You know how you try to take a nice serious photo and someone always wants to muscle into shot? Well Bree there figured as it was posh hat day she'd show off her bargain buy from LaGyo Mademoiselle, a Vessel Headpiece (which I hate to say I am a little jealous of). They've got a bit of a bargainfest happening there so for all your nautical types it's worth a visit, also for those of you who want jewellery and non-nautical hats I guess, but that's just madness... Who knows, if your hat is sufficiently cool or vicious looking I may not even kick you out of my picture frame.


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