Sunday, May 1, 2011

Darling It's Better

It's month change so we've lots of hunts that just finished and more just starting. Yesterday I went to a store on the last day of the hunt they were in and found the place empty, the owner having decided to move their sales solely to Marketplace. Now fair enough, there are many reasons why someone would do that and I can respect that, but if you shut up shop mid-hunt you make the hunt organisers look bad, and the people blogging your gifts too. perhaps the owner has something going on which I don't know about, but based on their profile I guess it's just a whim and that embarrasses me; I would like to apologise for anyone who took my advice and went to this store after my earlier recommendation only to find it gone.

But this post is about better things, in this case a store I fully expect to be around for the whole length of this hunt. And yes, with a name like Supernatural Hunt it's pretty safe to assume I'm getting excited about this one, and you can also be confident the chaps at 22769 will do something fun with a theme like that. And they did not disappoint!


Now if you smell something fishy about that image, you'd be very astute. See, they do give complete male and female merfolk avatars, and when I say complete I really mean complete. Those are special shapes, skins, ears, and eyes. You also get Merfolk AOs which are way more fun than I should be allowed in a Sunday morning; I was swimming around my lake breaking the surface, I dived from the top floor into the water, and I possibly taunted some cats by swimming above them (although I did stroke one with my tail too so I'm not all mean). But yes, AO is included, just not in that photo, my partner and I were busy doing a mermaid dance we were so thrilled with our gifts.


I also left my tattoo on my arms, and my tattoo layer hair. The latter because I get paranoid about going bald and the former because I think a little ink can work quite well on the green skin. I must admit I probably have a better suited tattoo somewhere but I'm not really a big tat fan so I just grabbed my default choice for when I want something, but shout if you see some seaweed out there and I may grab it quickly!

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