Monday, May 2, 2011

A Short Story Of Love

I was going to do an awesome post on LOD settings and the difference they make to sculpties; the way the default setting is pretty useless and your viewer probably resets it often, and how most people don't realise how things look. But I kept crashing and generally found it way too much hassle, so instead you get to see me in nothing but a pair of shorts.

I figured with all the dropping offline I'd find someone to hang out with, and wow did I struggle. You see, I found an interesting looking woman, and I thought I'd read her some poetry, but for some reason she didn't seem interested.

Shorts Wooing

Well, she mainly wasn't interested in the poetry book. Like many other people since I put these shorts on, she found something she was interested in!

Shorts Seduction

So there you have it - poetry, not a great ice-breaker, low-riding shorts, way more useful! These eye magnets came from Philo, Harvester sweats in Slate. As usual there was a bit of prim tweaking, the ties in particular needed attention with some Edit Linked Parts magic, but I was really glad the waistband was modifiable rather than using a resizer script. I like resizers for a lot of things, but for fitting even remotely snuggly around my waist/torso they just don't work.

There's some tough competition out there in the short market right now (summer really is coming for a lot of us I guess) but these should be contenders for your money at just 95L.

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