Friday, May 6, 2011

The day after tomorrow...


What would happen if you were the only one left on the planet? Resources would not be much but I'd try to survive no matter what, even if I had to walk on bones...

These Inspiration Verta-break pumps from {Zeery} definately inspired me, the detail of the heels is just amazing, so well done!!! (You "must" go and try them by yourself!) Thanks to Zeerya Pirithea for the original idea and also for being part of
Culture Shock with the sales of this and another 2 items we will all be helping Doctors Without Borders. You can also find a 5L gift of her new release!!


This full body tattoo is being sold at My Boudoir Spirit, which is a 2 weeks event where designers like Kristic Furman from Kristica sell exclusive items like this one for prices over 100L! From tattoos, jeans, shirts, eyes, to skins!!

Here's another shoot for you to admire these awesome items, visit these places there are also so much goodies + freebies! I'll be reporting more about them soon!


Big thanks to Zeerya Pirithea & Kristic Furman!!

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