Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good Morning

Like many people my first interaction with others each day is a simple good morning. However this morning conversation seemed to drift to other aspects of our morning routines. Being both famously lazy and easily scared some people felt there was a potential danger to waking up in bed with me, so I thought I'd explain a few things with the help of the Perfect Couple Hunt.

See, hidden away at Boathouse is a, rather useful, houseboat!

Good Morning

Yep, I can just roll out of bed and make my way over the edge of the boat and, erm, top up any water that evaporated overnight... It's wonderfully easy and quite bracing and refreshing I must admit. There's nothing quite like standing on the edge of a boat first thing in the morning with the waking sun caressing your skin. Oh yeah, skin! We do try to keep things vaguely PG here (okay, some more than others) so I figured I should cover up a little for the photos, and luckily for me I've just picked up these funky white and gold boxers from Vitamen - it's their monthly gift for May and pretty impressive!

Monkey Morning

So there you have it, proof that I am indeed house[boat] trained, and that I can be trusted to make myself [slightly] decent in public. A big surprise I know, but yeah... I'm halfway civilised!

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