Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Velvet Running

Wow, it's been quiet here. Wanna know a secret? Certain people felt intimidated by my awesome last post and they tried to stop me! I am not kidding, they've even been trying to keep me off the grid, but I'm back. I mean, I have to be careful obviously, they are out to get me after all.

So I've gone underground. I'm on the run, dodging the bad guys and keeping my head down. They'll never take me alive! And hopefully not dead either...

Velvet Running

My future may be dark, but as a group member at A:S:S I've been given a new identity. The name's James, James in the velvet suit. Sure, there are snappier introductions but that pesky Bond chap has a big trademark which just ruins it for everyone else. Anyway, group gift goodness (200L for the group fee, unless you joined in the free promo slot when it started) dressed me for my life on the run as you can see. The Navy is free but there are 7 more options for just 159L each which is astonishingly good. I was debating supplying a T-shirt to go with it but it was raining and I am not the best choice for a "Wet T-Shirt" blog, plus my chest sees so much wax it's waterproof anyway.

Luckily I was able to sneak about yesterday and pick up another bargain, aDORKable have a stall at Menswear Monday where they're selling 10 Dapper Dork poses for just 100L, an offer I couldn't resist - I mean seriously, Dapper Dork? Did they name that set just to appeal to my vanity?

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