Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling Jaunty

It's Not Jaunty time again, and I'm not quite as down on it as last time. There are 17 stores, some with multiple gifts out, so you're still looking at about 900-1000L if you want everything by my guess, but I feel a bit better about the offerings. Of course it's always about personal taste but maybe last sale was just a bit of a blip. Unfortunately the organiser is changing after this sale, so what happens next is a bit uncertain; but it's back on an upward trend and hopefully that will continue.

So let's start with the Sugar Skull fatpack from Acid & Mala Creations. 49L for three shirts is not bad going. Although I probably wouldn't pay much for a shirt of this style I come away feeling that I got a good buy with these so two thumbs up.

Sugary Shirts

Next stop was 22769 to enjoy their usual pick me up. Also as usual they have two outfits out so you can pick one, or be like me and grab both! I must confess I wasn't expecting these to "Mix and Match" brilliantly despite the jeans and shorts having a very obviously stripey theme happening. The silk shirt in Outfit 1 looked good to blend in with my smart casual wardrobe while the tank in Outfit 2 looked more likely to work in both. I won't say the shorts look great with the shirt, but it does actually work much to my surprise.

Jaunty 22769 Outfit 1Jaunty 22769 Prime Blend
Jaunty 22769 Outfit 2Jaunty 22769 Blend

I hate to say it but I think my Prime Blend option of the jeans and tank would work really well on Flashette! Maybe the sale for dudes is for dames too... Oh, and if you like the lifeguard hut in the 22769 photos then you're in the right store - it's their gift in the Skate N Surf hunt.

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