Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where? Right in front of me.

I've really enjoyed the 'Where is... hunt'. LOTS of different things, from bikinis (as blogged yesterday by Granny Claire) to poses... some cute underwear, tops and dresses.

While doing this hunt and planning this blog post with my friend Art, I suddenly thought that Art had been such an amazing friend for the last 3 years. He's been a rock during recent hard times, always comforting me on Skype. And sometimes, what you're looking for has been right in front of you for years.

Granny Claire would say 'Don't take your friends for granted, tell them you love them or delete them'. I certainly do both *smiles*. Thank you, Art, I love you. I could stay here in the forest with you for ever.

Where? Right in front of me.

Where? Right in front of me.

All items here are FREE!
All part of the hunt (except the hair...)

* Pose on top picture: Lay with me @ Munique (#41)
* Pose on bottom picture: Don't let me go tonight @ TeaSoup (#36)

* Tshirts on both of us @ Xplosion (#17)
* Jeans on both of us @ Poison (#26)
* My huntress skin is @ Al Vulo! (#6)

Art's hair is a free gift from Uncleweb Studio and mine is totally free too but from the fabulous Rubisoho lucky boards.

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