Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ela Designs 20/21 Mar 60L Sale

Well Ela has gone and done it this time, I think I may just have to ask this girl to marry me! *grins* From Ela Designs this weekend, you get not one, but two amazing body piercings. First up is this amazingly sexy belly chain, but it's not just any old belly chain...oh no. This one is a pierced belly chain that attaches at the belly button AND the lower back! But she didn't stop there, she even made a matching corset back piercing that is HOT HOT HOT! I am simply blown away by both of these creations. Even the chain links themselves are so unique they are hard to describe. It's like she took very delicate silver wire and wrapped it multiple times around a small bead in different directions, then somehow removed the beads without messing up the wire. Then she attached those with single delicate links until she had the lengths of chain she wanted. She also used some awesome white and silver bow laces to "tie" everything together.

The belly piercing chain is attached to the belly button on both sides, then has the special chain dangling in the center before draping over your skin to move around your waist to the back where they connect with the two piercings just above your bottom...then the graceful bow lace is attached between them with more of the fragile chain as ornament. The back corset has 8 attachment points starting at the top of your shoulder blades and moving down to the middle of your back. The chain is attached and criss crossed like shoe laces through each loop, and at the bottom is another blow lace with longer chains dangling to brush your skin as you move.

I am afraid my description of these two piercings could not do them justice, you will have to see them for yourself. But let me tell you this, I invited my friend Spar over to see them. Well *laughs* I thought he had lost connection or something, he was quiet for so long. Finally he responds to my inquiries like he is coming out of a coma or something, I mean the poor boy couldn't even talk right. *grins widely* So let's just say they were a HUGE hit. And yes, in my opinion if you do not go get these two piercings for only 60L each you are nuts...LOL Head over to Ela Designs now before it's too late.

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