Friday, March 26, 2010

D&V Creations 60L sale 27/28 Mar

D&V Creations brings you this awesome dock for the 60L sale. And I am soooo excited, I've always wanted a dock in my back yard! This dock is so cool, it's not your typical straight dock, it has ramp to walk up and another lower platform attached with a ladder going down into the water. It's painted gray to protect it from the weather, and comes with a row boat and an extra pillow with animations. The row boat is so cute, you can put it anywhere you want it, relaxing next to the dock, or out in the middle of the pond for sunbathing and fishing. The extra pillow has 10 super great singles animations in it, male and female, for relaxing and sitting on the dock. I think my favorite is "supine" where you lay on the edge of the dock with your head on your arms and your legs kicking back and forth, then run your fingers through the water and watch it swirl nice and relaxing.

And the dock itself has 10 adorable couples animations that are easy to sync and adjust. You can lay down and relax together, cuddle, caress, kiss, hold each other, look at the view, plus much more. The dock is only 21 prims, and add the boat and pillow for just 6 more. Just imagine hanging out on the dock with your sweetie, chatting with your fishing poles in the water, not caring if you actually catch anything as long as you are together. Such a great way to spend the afternoon, and for only 60L, Wow. Head over to D&V Creations this weekend and pick up this great dock.

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