Friday, March 12, 2010

Ear Candy 60L Sale - 13/14 Mar

This "Crazy in Love" jewelry set from Ear Candy is so cool. I always love how Maeve mixes colors and shapes to give us something stylish and unique, and so much fun to wear! Just look how she dresses up this classic loop chain necklace with different shaped silver attachments and the whitish/yellowish elongated bead, then adds the darker sparkling rectangle and round beads to dangle and finish it off. She carries the same designs over into the earrings for a perfect match, and makes the earrings just the right size to stand out with your hair up or down. She uses the same color scheme in the bangles and rings, except now she changes it up to give a different visual effect while keeping to the heart of the pieces. Notice the really cool flower design she's incorporated into these pieces using the same stones for the beading in the necklace and earrings. The lighter stones in this set have a very nice yellowish gold color giving a patina look to them, making them feel antique yet stylish. You can wear this set anywhere...from your Gram's afternoon tea and finger food gathering (being nice and not saying 'little ole ladies party' *laughs*) to the club later in your sexiest party dress.

In fact, no one can help staring at this lovely set, just look at the cherubs here. My friend Audi and I were heading to this super chic party she'd heard about. We were late and cut through this old cemetery in the neighborhood. I lost my lipstick and when I knelt down to find it, instead of helping, my friend Audi started laughing and snapped a picture. She said the cherubs were looking at my *coughs* assets, but we all know they were trying to get a better look at my accessories. Well when I found my lipstick I opened it and chased Audi out of the cemetery threatening to write "assets" on her forehead. *giggles*

You get the complete set, necklace, earrings, two bangles, and two rings all for only 60L this weekend at Ear Candy...don't miss it!

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