Friday, March 26, 2010

Shameless Bits 59/59 sale 26-28 Mar

What a beautiful covered bridge from Shameless Bits in the 59/59 sale this weekend.

From Shameless: Out on a road trip in the country with the one you love, laughing and having a good time. You see this beautiful old covered bridge and stop to look. Walking hand in hand you check out the ivy growing over it and as you cross it, hidden in the privacy, they just have to grab you and show their love with a passionate kiss!

This bridge is so darn pretty it will make your heart melt. And the lite version in this sale really does have some of the prettiest kissing poses on SL. The passion kiss will have you pressed close, arms wrapped around each other as you get lost in the moment, your sweetie getting carried away and picking you up off the bridge. The hold kiss will have you in a tight embrace as you kiss, him unable to resist moving his lips down your throat and lower, our leg kicking up in excitment and passion. And the pinned kiss...MMMMMMMM...well imagine being pinned to the ivy covered railing, the flowers and leaves tickling your back as you are pressed against it, your lover holding your arms above your head with their leg pressed between yours as they take the kind of kiss they want from you. Yeah, really makes the heart go pitty patter huh? *grins*

And don't forget to touch the rock at the bottom of the bridge to hear "Lost In You" by Chris Gaines (aka Garth Brooks) in the background as you make out and just enjoy the beauty. Definitely going to have to take a 'road trip' to find this bridge in my near future. *winks* Head over to Shameless Bits this weekend and pick this up for just 59L. Sale runs from noon Firday to 11 p.m. Sunday, SLT.

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