Friday, March 5, 2010

Heavenly Treasures 60L sale 6&7 Mar

Cara from Heavenly Treasures has designed an awesome living room suite for you this weekend. There are so many great features with this I can not list them all, so be sure to watch the video provided at the end. First it has an awesome dark tan couch that also turns into a bed, just push the button on the arm of the couch and watch it fold out in front of your eyes. It's Xcite! and Sensation compatible, and comes with 249 Primal Indulgence animations to choose from. You also get the cool matching lounger with 12 poses, a rug, and a blanket for the lounger. All four pieces come with color change options from the couch menu, with 8 texture themes to choose from, allowing you to match it to almost any decor.

And if that's not enough you also get two side tables, two working lamps, two cups of cappuccino, a book, an array of magazines, a tropical plant, and an extra blanket to curl up under on the lounger. I just can't get over the hide-a-bed though, ones made to actually fold into and out of the couch are hard to find on SL. And Cara out did herself on this one...kudos to you hun! Be sure to watch this video to see some of the great texture options you have to choose from:

If you don't rush over to Heavenly Treasures this weekend and pick this up for the low, low, low price of 60L, you are simply nuts.

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