Friday, March 12, 2010

Ela Designs 60L Sale - 13/14 Mar

Ela Designs brings you some more fantabulous creations this weekend. Yes, it's getting hard to find new great words to describe Ela's amazing pieces, so I'm just going to start using made up First on the list is this sexylicious, double back piercing. It connects in the center of your shoulder blades on both sides using a moon shaped piercing bar with diamonds on each end. Then you have the silver chains with tear drop shaped beads connected each bar, dangling down to meet part way in the middle and connecting with an 8 pointed star. Then alternating beads and stars on a single chain until it reaches just above your butt. (The 8 pointed star appears in cultures around the globe, however, it's universal symbolism is one of balance, harmony, and cosmic order.) See, I told you it was sexylicious. I got so many hoots and hollers and cat whistles when I wore this around a group of friends that I just wanted to keep my back to them all night. *whispers*...But just so you know, it's not very polite to do that. *laughs*

Next up Ela brings you this yumo "Tears" silver and diamond multi belly piercing. You have the center hoop piercing with three tear shaped beads hanging down. Then you have two moon shaped bar piercings on either side of the belly button with diamonds on each end. Dangling from the top end of each bar are two long straight chains, and from the bottom ends you have chains connected with tear shaped beads that meet in the middle to form one chain that hangs down with tear drops and also has long straight chains attached. Just think how much fun your partner will have playing with all these goodies. Not to mention running their tongue and teeth around them to give you both an extra thrill. Mmmmm *sighs softly*

And last, but certainly not least, is one of Ela's ginormo hotness pierced garter stockings. But wait...are you half dressed, or half undressed? Hmmm, well you decide.
I like to think it's dangling there waiting on my honey to move up behind me, grip my ankle in his warm hand then move it slowly up the back of my calf, gently teasing the garter and rings as he reaches them, giving it a slight teasing tug to make me gasp in pleasure. Then running his fingers lightly across the back of my thigh as he raises the garter to position, knowing there will be some slight pain when he loops the rings in the holes in my skin, he moves his free hand up under my skirt, firmly kneading and squeezing my butt cheeks as he attaches the garter. *moans softly from the images in her head* Of course if you are half undressed, that's a whole other scenario to think about. *grins*

As you can see, you don't want to miss the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Haha, couldn't help it) 60L deals at Ela Designs this weekend.

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