Friday, March 26, 2010

Bejewelled.....also introducing Florrie* Shape (Spring Special)

Below are just a few of the accessories that can still be found at the Glance Accessory Fair 2010 (ends 27th so be quick!).

The pink MStyle phone plays music! Love it! Free in Subscribo @ MStyle!

This is a quick post to remind you that there are still lots of goodies to be scooped up at the Accessory Fair 2010! (ends 27th March). I know I might have gone for slight overkill with the jewels (lolz) but I wanted to illustrate that it really is worth getting some of these gifties (most of which are on sale for as little as $0 to $10!). Also don't forget to check out some of the beautiful jewels gifted to the Relay For Life* (find the drop sculpty necklace by YABUSAKA which is stunning! All proceeds to RFL). The skinny Jeans* are my current favorite by OMFG for KA. Gorgeous jeans! Visit Tomoto* for the jewelled Star Pumps (free!). Hair in second & third pic is by Shag..gosh I love this hair...& love the shop! (also free in Subscribo so grab it quick!).
Top pic is the new shape, Florrie, is by ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: created especially for Spring & is based on a typical English Rose look. Great shape if you looking for a pretty, pouty, super curvy shape (or even for a wedding). Omg I think I may be onto my 5th wedding soon! Not me though..ever the bridesmaid in SL ..grins*). Shape comes with Styling Card*.
#Pic 2 & 3
~Mermaid Earrings & Bracelet @ Ganked (Glance Accessory Fair 2010)
~Pink MPhone @ MStyle (Free! in Subscribo)
~Dot Lashes @ Vision (Tip: Lots of lucky chairs & an MM at Vision. Amazing Eyes & lashes!)
~Champs de Fleurs B Necklace & Ballet pumps@ Tomoto (Pumps are Free! Necklace is previous gift)
~La la Love me Blonde Hair @ Shag (Free! in Subscribo)
~Skin @ League
~Nicole White Top @ Kush (New!Also comes in Black & pink )
~Skinny Jeans @ KA (by OMFG)
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