Friday, March 5, 2010

D&V Creations 60L sale 6&7 Mar

What a stunner of a formal dining room set from D&V Creations. This black and white set is simply elegant and lovely, I don't think even Martha Stewart could find fault with this. *laughs* Seriously, it's wonderful and I can not wait to entertain with it. You get the beautiful chrome with glass top table with all the trimmings; dinnerware, candles, vases with lovely Cala Lillies, cloth runner, and decorative stones. Also you get the rug, two chairs, two benches, and three stunning black and white framed wall pictures. The benches seat two, and the chairs and benches come with a sitting menu that has 5 sitting poses, including very cool male and female eating poses. The pictures are stark and minimal black and whites, adding even more elegance to the set.

I think I am going to have to invite 5 of my closest, single *winks* friends over for a "Black & White" dinner party. Show them how to have elegance and fun all at the same time, and maybe even hook up with a hottie while I'm at it. I bet those benches could use a little more action than just seating for dinner. *giggles*

Veronica also has 3 other sets on sale for 250L in her store in different colors, just for this weekend, then the go back to regular price. That's almost half off the price and you can get it in green, blue, or red & black. So rush over to D&V Creations this weekend and pick up this elegant dining set for 60L, or one of the other great colors for almost half off the original price.

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