Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ear Candy 60L sale 27/28 Mar

Maeve from Ear Candy brings you more great accessories for the 60L sale...Yummy dark olive, leather earrings, bangles, belt, and boots. I love how the earrings stand out even with my long hair down. They are large, thick silver hoops with this wonderful suede leather sewn around the outside, you can even see the stitching. The bangles are thin and thick, silver and green, some wrapped in the leather with stitching visible. Different styles and sizes for each wrist to create a wonderful contrast. The belt is all leather except for the silver buckle and eye-holes, the loops and stitching on this makes it look very realistic. And you can't forget the great boots...adorable little ankle boots made of the same suede looking leather, lower heel with a green and white curvy strip of elastic going down the outside, and a cute strap buckle wrapped around the ankle.

Anything leather is always in, especially suede, and the color and texture of these pieces are just yummy. This great set can be worn together or separately, and with skirts or pants. I'm so going to rock these accessories at the club tonight. Ohhh, thinking short black mini-skirt *thinks to herself: "Hmmm, panties or no panties?"*, sexy sheer black thigh highs, and my awesome sheer gray tank top with strips of olive green velvet sewn in strategic places. Yeah, that will certainly get some blood pumping up in the place. It's a can't miss with these gorgeous accessories added. So don't you miss it either, head over to Ear Candy this weekend and pick up this whole set for just 60L.

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