Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm an Ugly Duckling

I'm a real skin junky !! If you like skins like I do, you'll love Ugly Duck. Join the group for 250L and visit the shop in-world. There is a wall with group gifts.. enjoy ! (The only skin I didn't show is a male skin with shaving cream) All skins from Ugly Duck

Above Skin : Feral (also included but not shown a male skin and tail)

Hair : Hairy Situations group gift (not sure it's still up anymore)

Above Skin : Snow Queen Thawed

Hair : Vanity Hair Love Affair Valentine's edition (previous 1L gift release preview)

Side note on Vanity Hair, she usually puts out a new release in a funky color for 1L. There is also a box of the January releases on a round table when you come in for 5L.

Above Skin : The Mask, yes... you also get the cucumbers :)

Hair : previous group gift from ChiChickie (great group gifts, lucky chair and MM board)

Above skin : Lei-Bear fun

Hair : Lucky board at Petit Pas Sim (group only, join for 0L)

Above Skin : Starlet Noir

Hair : W&G Model Hair Free 2 All (1L)

Above skin : Snow Queen

Hair : SyDS Hair "It's me - Lucky Board version" (group only board 0L to join in shop)

Ok, let's put something together now...

Hair : W&G , mentioned above 1L

Skin : Starlet Noir (250L group fee)

Dress : Beast hunt The Sea Hole 0L

Take care,

Catherine Fairport

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