Friday, March 12, 2010

D&V Creations 60L Sale - 13/14 Mar

YAY! I'm so excited to tell you about this Limited Black Tie Edition Fireplace from D&V Creations. This is one of Veronica's first creations and it's simply amazing. She didn't stop at just making a great fireplace, she also added wonderful water features as well. The detail in this piece makes me want to stare at it constantly. Veronica uses the best textures and takes great pride in every little piece of her creations. The black tiles look very sleek behind and below the fireplace itself, as well as behind the water features, and she has added gold detailing to make them stand out and give it more elegance. I also love that she added the pebbles in the water pools, much more realistic than just using tile. The fireplace screen is made of black wrought iron with gold-ish copper colored iron accents and a very sweet heart placed in the middle. Isn't it great? The rest of the piece is framed in with beautifully stained black maple wood and she has added classy candles to the mantle for you.

It's so relaxing sitting and listening to the crackling of the fire consuming the logs and the burbling of the water as it flows all the way down the tiles into the little pebble filled pools. You should do what I did and spread out a fluffy, cozy, shag rug with some throw pillows and invite a super hot, sexy hunk of male over, you never know what may happen. *winks* This really is an elegant and beautifully made fireplace, don't let this weekend go by without picking it up for just 60L.

And don't forget to hit the scribo D&V Creations while you are there, they will have a special gift when it reaches 300 customers, you won't want to miss it. *smiles*

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