Monday, March 8, 2010

Casual Monday

It's hard to get the old engines going on a Monday morning, so Chu's been uber-casual today. In fact, at one point I had her running around in slippers and curlers! Why not? She sure looked the way RL me felt!

So here we have her lounge-around-the-skybox look. The outfit is such a soft, rosy mauve and looks soooo comfortable. It's the most recent (March) Subscribo gift from Jazymn D, March 2010 Update Group Gift. As you can see, it's a lovely simple combination of capris leggings and tank top, which has a subtle paisley print. Inspired by the comfort theme, I slipped Chu into one of my favorite pairs of dollarbie sandals, .::Mother Goose's ::.brown slipper. (They make me want summertime so badly - whether lounging around the house or daring to wear 'em to the beach with a good book!) The funky, fun hair is a current $10L sale offering from Crush Factory. It's fat curl rollers all wound up in a range of hair colors. In this case, {CF} Curler Crush - Mudslide. Super cute!

The skin is just so adorable I knew I had to round out the crazy cas look with it. As with the slippers, it comes from Mother Goose and is in their dollarbie range. It features a veritable meadow of freckles on rosy cheeks and a cute yellow plaster across the nose - like a child's band-aid, but I like to think it could pass as a kawaii pore cleanser, too. Biore to the rescue! (Hey, even avatars need a beauty regimen.) Skin name: .::Mother Goose's:: mary skin_1L$.

Now onto something a bit more grown up, but still a blip on the comfy radar. Cynful does some of the best and sexiest casual clothing on the grid, and this outfit's no exception. It's the welcome gift in their Subscribo, so if you're not a member you're in luck! (If you're a member, you can probably unsubscribe and subscribe again if you never received it.) Just tap one of the multiple Subscribo signs in the store and you're off and running to this sheer (very revealing) blouse (called Crop Shop Silver Sheer top) and super duper low-rise pants (called Orange Bottom - Dotsie Purple). All together, the outfit's aptly called Cynful Group Welcome Gift.

Remember when I mentioned it's a sheer, revealing blouse? Take another look...any..."nips" to be seen? Nope, thanks to -Fidget Inc.- Nipples Be Gone, a miraculous tintable undershirt layer that erases your nipples and lets you wear sheer (or go topless) without showing too much. I've matched the tone perfectly to my Redgrave skin, but I've also successfully matched it to other skins from other creators, as well. It's extremely versatile since you can use SL's RGB color picker to choose exactly what hue. I recommend, if you can, taking a snapshot of your skin and using a photo/paint program to choose exactly which color is around the nipples. Then, make a note of that color's RGB values and plug them directly into the edit appearance/undershirt layer color picker. Voila...perfect match!

The hitch: this is a $10L Car Wash cart sale item and the sale ends tomorrow, so HURRY! Direct cart SLurl here.

Finally, no outfit would be complete without shoes & hair. Here Chu's modeling a free hair gift from Refuge, called Ana, in black. You can find it on a wall of designer gifts in a TV studio here. And the shoes are a new release from the ever-wonderful and ever-generous In Her Shoes, [IHS] Circus Lolita black.

Have a happy Monday!

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