Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ear Candy 20/21 Mar 60L Sale

Soooo pretty in pink...Hunk of Pink Mother of Pearl Set from Ear Candy. Anything Mother-of-Pearl has the most amazing lustrous look to it, but the pink color Maeve found for this set is just exquisite. As I've said before, I'm not usually one to wear a lot of pink, but this accessories set will sure have me wearing it more now. The necklace, earrings, and one bracelet are made from the classic shapes you would see directly from the shell of a mollusk. No two pieces are formed exactly alike, but are just polished to give them a high shine and keep their uniqueness. Then Maeve attaches them together with silver links formed into delicate figure eights for contrast and style. To give you even more choice of style she has also included the bangle set with a wide mother of pearl bangle flanked by silver bangles of different widths.

But Maeve, being who she is, she doesn't stop there. She knows just how hard it is to match other accessories with something as unique as this and has made perfectly matching high heels to go with the set. And these super thin, stiletto heels make your feet and calves look so sexy you won't want to take them off, while the little bow in the back screams fun. And I have the puuuuurrrrfect dress to wear this with. I can't wait for my date tomorrow night, I'm going to knock his socks off, and maybe even his pants if he's lucky. *laughs and winks* So yes, you heard me right, you get the necklace, earrings, bracelet, bangles, and shoes...all for the very low price of 60L. See you at Ear Candy this weekend.

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