Friday, March 5, 2010

Ela Designs 60L sale 6&7 Mar

Elara from Ela Designs has placed her own spin on how to display your Ankh. She has made some lovely jewelry that is classy yet dark and mysterious. An ankh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph signifying life, consisting of a cross surmounted by a loop. In tomb inscriptions, gods and pharaohs are often pictured holding the ankh, which forms part of the hieroglyph for concepts such as health and happiness. Ela has used shiny, black onyx beads and slipped them closely together onto silver chains, adding the ankh at the end to dangle and catch the light. Then she's wrapped and layered them around your neck and wrist to create this wonderful look. You can get the bracelet and choker for 60L each, these are an awesome deal any way you look at it.

And they are TRANSFERABLE! I have some vampire friends that will love these. Ohhh, they would make awesome wedding and birthday gifts too! Into RP?...these will class that dirty and ripped vamp y outfit right up, make you the talk of the game. They are also great for your Pagan friends that happen to be into magic.

Don't miss Ela Designs this weekend, and when you go over be sure to look at her other awesome jewelry and tattoos. I love everything she makes and can't wait each weekend to see what else she comes up with.

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