Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shameless Bits - 20/21 Mar 60L Sale

Shameless Bits brings you the Black & White lovers Raft for the weekend 60L sale.
From ShamelessTrouble: Thinking of the ocean waves, or the mist from a flowing river, or the gentle sway of an inland lake...umbrella drinks, the sea air blowing through your hair, and a special someone to cuddle up next to? Here it is!! This is a beautiful oak raft complete with cuddle blankets for you and that someone special to put sparks in the air!! It is done in black and white to give a stylish appearance.

As a matter of fact Shameless, I'm thinking of this out in the middle of the huge lake that surrounds my new property. *winks* I can just picture it: It's early evening and my new guy helps me into the raft, letting me get situated before handing me the picnic basket with the champagne and marshmallows. Yes marshmallows, that's how I roll, or float as the case may be. *grins* Then he uses his strong muscles to push the raft away from the shore before hopping into the raft with me. But oh no!...he's gotten both of his pants cuffs soaking wet. Well there is nothing to do for that except have him remove those wet things while I build up the fire in the pit. Of course while the fire is beginning to catch more of the logs I have to snuggle up close to him to help keep him warm, I mean, what kind of a girlfriend would I be if I didn't do that much for him? So we snuggle up under the blanket sipping champagne and talking until the fire starts to burn down some. No really, we're just talking. Then we start roasting marshmallows and teasing each other about technique. Of course when he teases me because I like to let mine catch on fire at the end, I have to offer him some so he can see just how great it tastes. Now you know I have to accidentally smear it all over his lips so I can push him back against the pillows and lick it all off. Well I don't really think I can tell you the rest of what happens, but I bet you have a good imagination. *winks*

You get the raft, umbrella, blankets, pillows, and the fire pit that is "voice" activated in local chat to play sounds or not, ignite or douse, plus a few other useful commands. This lite version comes with one chatting pose and three super nice cuddle poses. The oak wood texture is great and the black and white colors of the bedding add style. So it's time to let your playful side out and get over to Shameless Bits this weekend to pick this raft up for only 60L, you'll have so much fun.

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