Friday, March 12, 2010

SnowPaw Fashions 60L Sale - 13/14 Mar

Snowpaw Fashions brings you a delightfully soft and feminine dress for this weekend's 60L sale. It's a very pretty violet sheer and lace baby doll dress that has a sculpted lace collar going around the neck. The bodice of the dress is also lace with the skirt made of layers of lace and longer sheer see through material. This is the kind of dress that can be worn on a little girl and look adorable, or worn on a lady and look sweet yet sexy. Perfect timing for me, I have a noon coffee and light lunch date with a new hottie tomorrow *grins* and at 2 I have to go to my neighbor's garden party. This dress will fit the bill perfectly for both and I don't have to save time to run home and change! Sweet, thank you Carrie. *smiles widely*

Ohhhh, I can wear those great, white, clog heels I picked up the other day, with the lace shoe strings and trim. And eureka! I have my Grandmother's precious lace bracelet with the adorable charms hanging from it. Hmmm, my pearl earrings...but no necklace, wouldn't want to detract from the beautiful lace collar. Now should I wear my hair up or down? Up or down? I think up, that way I can show off the collar and my earrings, and the hottie will be able to admire my long smooth neck while we chat. Oh yes, lovely lovely day tomorrow. *grins widely*
Well you don't want to miss this lovely baby doll dress, so head over to Snowpaw Fashions this weekend and pick it up.

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