Friday, March 5, 2010

Snowpaw Fashions 60L sale 6&7 Mar

Lovely, just lovely as always from Carrie at Snowpaw Fashions. This dress is so pretty I don't want to take it off, and of course I had to take a picture of myself wearing it. I'm such a camera Hmm, I've been invited to dinner at an exclusive country club on Sunday, I think this dress will be perfect. I can just imagine all the snotty upper class women that love to turn their nose down at me for wanting to look sexy and have fun. As i walk in and every head in the room turns to stare, a few of the men have to take hankies from their suit pockets to wipe the drool and some of their wives having to reach over and physically close their mouths. Hehe, oh my god that sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Now I don't wear a whole lot of pink, but this dress is yummy. The rich shade of pink in this dress, combined with the black, takes it from a potential girlie disaster and turns it into something soft and feminine.

The tight fitting bodice with bare shoulders and arms bring loads of sexiness, while the length and flow of the skirt keeps it very elegant. I really like how Carrie changed up the direction of the stripes to make it more interesting, and the black sash/belt around the waist helps perfectly with the transition. This is quite the steal at 60L, so get your booties over to Snowpaw Fashions and grab it.

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