Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lost in Fantasy

One of Second Life's most charming aspects is the ability to step completely away from reality and be whatever you want to be - a critter, a princess, a fairy, a mermaid...and how about doing it on a super low budget? It's the best of all worlds!

Today I have a lot of Midnight Mania & Lucky Chair goodies, like this Midnight Mania dress from [Wishbox], Sprite (gold). It's got all the charm of a medieval fantasy gown but the shorter length lends it lots of sass. I've paired it with a well-matched pair of pumps from Wetherby's absolute arsenal of inexpensive accessories, #186 Wetherby's Janey Rainey Dress - Open toe Shoes, which cost only $20. The hair, ETD Maaliyah - Espresso, is from the now-famous ETD extreme discount room, which is situated just outside and below the main store. You should definitely drop by to see dozens of quality hairs sold individually or in super cheap fat packs, as well as shoes and clothes.

Onward we go to fanciful flight in this amazing Lucky Board prize from Pas De Deux, *PDD* Leaf Fairy gold for Kite Hunt. The texture on the dress and wings practically sparkles with aurora borealis-esque shine, but its gold stardust is truly a work of art.

Appropriately enough Chu's modeling her fairy wear with the JE*REPUBLIC-JOANNA-Fairy skin, which can be found on the Freebie wall inside the JE*REPUBLIC store. With its little pink pout and colourful eye make-up, it looks quite spritely!

Her hair is a dollarbie from WAKA & Yuki, W&Y Model Hair GFT 4.

Speaking of WAKA & Yuki, here's another great dollarbie hair, W&Y yuki HAIRMIMI FREE3, worn with a fabulous mermaid Midnight Mania prize from Cloverleaf. The mermaid is called Fisherman's Wife Mermaid, and it comes with a basic mermaid AO and mouth attachment that exhales little bubbles. Totally adorable & a perfect little something off-the-beaten-path, stylistically.

The wonderfully feminine pale green skin with rosy cheeks is a gift from Heaven's Skin & Shape, St.Patrick's Day Gift.

Bringing things back down to least a a short n' sweet mini-dress with attitude from [access denied], [ad] Opening gift dress. It costs $5 and can be found near the counter.

I said before that the glimpses of group gifts given to Freebie Fashionista upon hitting our 1,000 members mark weren't over, so here's another present you were lucky enough to receive if you were with us when we hit our big milestone! Thanks awfully much to ::Trixxy's Shop:: for the Kicker Boots, shown here in size small.

Chu's nibbling on a delightful taste of spring with this BP* sprig 3/iwaki/2009-6, a freebie in store. Her hair is also from Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD), * ETD Lovely - Freebie, a dollarbie in their discount room. Finally she's sporting one of my favorite acquisitions from the last week or so, the Orage Creations *OC* Panda Skin. It's fantastically glam but at the same time can be spunky, brooding, or just plain cute - when paired with actual panda parts, like those from Needful Things. The skin's not free but is totally worth the investment at its $40 discount price.

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