Sunday, February 28, 2010

Please Say Spring Has Sprung!

My RL is miserably cold and blanketed in over a foot of endless white snow right now, so my SL is all about the color, springtime feel & exotic spice! Talk about escapism...

Lika Ruby has two fantastic group gifts available in store, on or near the counter at the front of the shop. First we have their +Lika Ruby+REZday gift, a pretty pink and purple top with kimono-style print and sculpted accents. This to me absolutely screams the spring thaw - budding trees, fledgling flowers, chirping baby birds...or maybe it's just wishful thinking. Join the group and tap the hat box on the counter for this gift.

Chu's also got on her staple .::A.Y.Y.::.. Lovelie Weekend Jeans, a dollarbie on the counter in store. Comes in regular and low rise options. Her shoes are In Her Shoes [IHS] Bows Bows Purple Suede, always $0L. (I love how well they blend with the colors in the top - it makes you head to toe cheer.) The hair is Mikan Hair *mikan_hair_Momo_espresso01_M, a Lucky Board prize that's well worth hanging around for your letter. Finally, that delicate pale skin is the latest Subscribo gift from ai design studio: ai skins - ANZU1 - bl wd cielito gloss and white dust FIXED. It's a good idea to join their Subscribo group - they are ever so generous with gifts!

Continuing the Lika Ruby theme, here's their other current group gift, China Dress (+LR G-gift-01-china-dress). Wear your group tag and touch the sign on the wall to get it. It comes with a mini-skirt option or an above-the-knee option, which I'm modeling here.

It's an absolutely perfect match in style and colors with this pair of Japanese sandals from Discord Nightmare City's Lucky Chairs. The shoes are called ZO-RI Female L SHINRYU. The prize comes with a total of 3 styles of sandals. I've pulled it all together with the TRUTH Jess - espresso hair, currently a freebie in store and Mother Goose's::.Veronica SkiNE _0, a dollarbie. What a delicate skin - I absolutely adore the light pink lipstick!

While we're talking about Mother Goose, let's think about warm nights when all you want to do is lounge in a t-shirt and cute, girly underwear...mmm...warm nights! Chu's all over dollarbies from Mother Goose in this shot, including a skin with a big fat teardrop on the cheek. Why's Chu crying? I've no idea...perhaps because she just woke up and realized it's still the middle of winter and sleeting outside!

Worn in these shots is a sweet, sweet t-shirt with a red-breasted bird, perhaps a rosy spring robin, a mere dollarbie: .::Mother Goose's::. Bird Tee. Still from Mother Goose we've got a pair of freebie panties in a cute blue floral pattern, called blue flower. The panties are part of a massive set of underwear available in store in a Free Box. On her feet are Mother Goose's dollarbie brown slipper, mule style slippers with colorful little clip accents. And the aforementioned skin is Mother Goose's MAGOO(2) Skin, also $1L. In fact, just about everything in Mother Goose's mall stall is only $1 - loads of adorable skins and assorted clothing & shoes! (Also worn is Here Come Trouble's +0.o+HcT+Rigal((big)) - Pitchblack-Chestnut hair - not free, but very reasonably priced as are all HcT's hairs! They do have a discount section, as well.)

And if I'm rushing spring a bit, I'd certainly not be rushing St. Patrick's Day, as we're only a couple weeks away from that celebration of all things Irish and all things green (my fave color!). So it's not too early to start planning your attire, and here's an inexpensive option c/o of the marvelous Multiple Personality Designs, *MPD* Make Him Stutter--Green. The outfit will cost you only $3L and comes in several colors, all included. Sultry magic!

Chu's wearing a fantastic foot freebie from Vive9, (vive9) Xian Boots Powder, still available in their shoes area. They're spunky & sexy, a little bit modern & a little bit mod. Speaking of spunky, the super cute little bow-tied updo is ::{{trico}}:::free gift ribbon dango chan. Look for the box on the floor in the corner of the shop.

The skin Chu's wearing is the current Lucky Cupcake prize from Sock Monkey, Luck of the Irish Skin. It features a sweet shamrock stain on pale skin with bold green make-up. Perfect for your St. Patty's Day celebrations!

The earrings match the skin so well, and happen to be a Freebie Fashionista 1K members gift sent in notices earlier this month from Divinity Dollarbie, Sterling Silver & Emerald Drop Earring Frasky. It was one of 12 pairs they sent to our group. So a great big "thank you" to Divinity!

Also worn: KOSH Eyes 67 ($30) & Crissy Designs My Mascara Eyelashes ($50).

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