Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs Me On!

It's just about Easter here in my part of the world, and a very happy holiday to those who celebrate it! To everyone else, happy weekend!

Diesel Works is celebrating with a free collection of adorable Easter egg pose props. They come in a variety of colors and are scripted with multiple sassy (and occasionally silly) sits. I've chosen to show with yellow, but the whole lot of them make me very excited to dye eggs tonight!

There's a lovely seasonal offering that's gorgeous retro feminine at :: Alatiel Fashions ::, called I <3 Spring. It's free! Snag it from the big poster in the shop. It goes SO perfectly with Obsidian's *April Shines Skin**, their freebie for this month. The skin is available on an easel display at the front of the store.

Shaking it up with something that oozes glam and sex appeal, I slipped Chu into the Shush Disco ball dress, a dollarbie on the wall of the shop's entry way. It comes with multiple options - as shown, or even racier with nothing but nipple tape on top!

Also seriously glam is Nuuna Skin's Spring Dark Freebie, which is available on the 2nd floor above Vanity Hair. It's definitely not a skin for wallflowers, so grab it to make a statement this spring!

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