Friday, April 2, 2010

Snowpaw Fashion 60L sale 3/4 Apr

Mmmm know I love them, and Snowpaw Fashion's has them in the 60L sale this weekend. It's a very lovely, sensual, delicate, sheer black blouse with white polka-dots. It's long sleeve with a bit of lace around the wrists and has three buttons between the breasts, but only one looks buttoned, then you have the flexi part at your waist that flows and moves as your body does. It comes with a black bra you can wear under for modesty, or you can "accidentally" forget the bra when you are at home, give your sweetie a bit of peeking and something to salivate over. *wiggles her butt*

Me...I left the bra on *sighs at society and their standards* and headed to the club for some dancing and drinks. Just look how sexy I am. *poses all cute like* I pared the lovely blouse with my white low rise jeans and black boots. Calm down now, I know you want me, but I have to save something for everyone else. *laughs*

Let me tell you, I had a blast at the club. I don't think I sat down the whole night, men kept coming up and asking me to dance *whispers* and a few ladies too. And I never went without a drink in my hand, I actually had to find creative ways to get rid of them or I wouldn't have been able to stand up by the time the night was over. Oh, and I would like to apologize to the girl that ended up wearing my Long Island Iced Tea, that really was an accident, that guy just got a little bit over excited. *grins* Head over to Snowpaw Fashion's and pick this up for just 60L, it's well worth the trip.

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