Friday, April 23, 2010

D&V Creations 24/25 April 60L sale

Ohh, what a great office collection from D&V Creations. The maple wood is just lovely, and the design details on the wall unit doors are a beautifully added bonus. The straight, backed chair has a menu with 5 sit poses...a regular sit, a male sit, a female sit, a cool typing sit, and even a board room sit for those annoying meetings. *laughs* With this set you get the wall unit with cabinet doors that open and close, books, and a built in desk, the chair with 5 animated poses, the pretty throw rug for decoration and to cushion under your feet, art work for your wall, a striking ceiling lamp, and it also comes with a great ledger and pencil for your desk. That's a whole lot of value for just 60L!

The art work is a beautiful lake scene that you can gaze at while you are trying to figure out what you are supposed to be working on, or just day dream about when you need a break. *grins* The throw rug is tan, gold, black, green, mauve, and pink with a pretty flower and leaf design and goes with almost any decor. The ceiling lamp is gold with four prongs coming down to help hold up the elegant, crystal lamp shade, it turns on and off with a touch. I love the typing animation that comes in the chair, I put my laptop on the desk and am plugging away for you all right now! *smiles* And the way each door on the wall unit opens individually is great, most units like this are static and have no interaction. Well it's back to staring at the lake scene for me, but for sure not to miss the amazing deal at D&V Creations this weekend!

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