Thursday, April 15, 2010

Snif, Snif...

Pose Fair ends soon... So, be sure and get yourself down there and pick up something special and help out charity at the same time. Its really is a win-win situation.

Most of the vendors have something free to offer, or make a donation.. every little bit helps.

This is the item that Vivaposes has with proceeds going to chairity. A staircase with some hip poses and color change options. How cool is that !!

vivaposes staircase 2

Vivaposes also has a new release at the main shop - GlitterCube. Lately I've been in a real girly phase, this was perfect. (total side note : when I was young I told myself that I would never put pink clothes on my daughter if I ever had one... well, I put pink clothes on my daughter.. laughs)

Enough about me, let me show you the GlitterCube :)

Vivaposes glitterbox

If you are not already in the subscribo, you might want to go ahead and get on the list. Psssst... there is a 100L gift card hiding in there :) (shhh, I didn't tell ya.. lollll)

What I'm wearing :

1st Image :
Pacadi Jasha
I think the dress was 85L and the shoes 100L
I was there yesterday and there were 3 gifts on the ground for 5L each.. might want to have a look :)

Second Image :
Seldom Blue 1L promotion

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