Friday, April 2, 2010

Kabuki Creations 60L sale 3/4 Apr

How About A Kiss.....
Animated pose from Kabuki Creations for only 60L! Isn't it hard to sit close to someone you have the hots for and not do something about it? You're sitting there chatting, trying to come up with something witty and funny to say when you feel their thigh brush against yours. Your heart stutters and you stumble over your words as you both turn and gaze at the other person. The look in their eyes clearly saying the same thing you are thinking. Neither of you can stop from leaning forward, one hand on their back rubbing lightly, the other on the side of their neck as you play with the hair there maybe your fingers moving up to brush their ear softly as you feel their hands moving around you. Their touch hot on your skin as your lips meet, lightly at first, then deepening as you each get a taste and want more. You moan softly and suck on their bottom lip, tugging and nibbling until they crush you to them and plunge their tongue into your mouth.

Mmmm yeah, you have to love those hot unexpected kisses. This pose comes with the ottoman that is modifiable, or you can use it anywhere you want without the ottoman. Both of your heads and hands move, you can sync movements, hide the pose-balls, and adjust them easily as needed. Um, remember the club I mentioned where guys and girls kept asking me to dance? Yeah, well it seems one girl wanted a little more than dancing. Hmmm, it seems I don't have to apologize for spilling my drink on her after all. *laughs* And just so you know, the official story is that she took advantage of me...

Kabuki Creation's "How About A Kiss pose"............................60L
Friends that sneak pictures and email them later...................Punch in the face
Kissing a hot sexy girl on Naku's How About A Kiss pose......Priceless!

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