Friday, April 16, 2010

Me gots some stuff to show you .....

Super busy with rl this weekend.. so might not be able to get into sl much... and I know I'm going to miss some great hunts .... sobs.

First off, some super fine skin from Oceane's Boutique. All the pics in this post have the MM board win.. (thanks girls). I modified my lips a bit, and voila... sultry !! Group tag is required for the MM board. The smokey eyes are divine.. I'm such a sucker for smokey eyes.. probably because I can't do them in rl.. laughs.

Here are a few images with the Skye skin.... I had fun, can you tell ?? Fashion credits at the end :)

oceane and Movin lingerie

oceane boutique 2

And the group gift :) Jade in Black Lace Honey. Simply yummy. You really have to get this beautiful gift.

Oceane boutique

I have some more items for you that I want to share... I've blogged about Theory before and she has sent out some way cool T-Shirts in her subscribo. Also, fun pancake pose prop with 3 poses in the MM board. There are two, I was only lucky to get this one... :) Lucky boards don't like the letter "C".. you Z and W and Q girls are soooooo much more lucky. If only I knew then what I know now.. chuckles.

theory pancake 2

theory pancake

For you gown lovers :

red dress

dress black and white

Image 1 :
Lingerie : Movin Lingerie 0L group gift at the enterance, tag required

Image 2 :
Outfit : Unique Clothing Freebie Fashionista gift !! ye !
Shoes : MM board Anima Temptation
Pose prop : Vivaposes Glittercube (not free) 400L but get the 100L giftcard in the subscribo.

Image 3 :
Necklace : Ganked (not sure if this was a gift or MM board) but if you get down there, you will either a lucky chair or MM board and a gift or two.
Lingerie : Blacklace old gift

Gown Images :
Pick them up Here from CC Couture. There are other gifts out from vendors there (MEB, Bliss Couture, B!Fashion...)

There ya go... Off to tackle some RL stuff.


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