Monday, April 12, 2010

Prelude's Foyer

Hum, did I say I wasn't going to blog as much.. giggles.

I'd like to talk to you about Prelude's Foyer. It's a collective of four brands, Prelude, North Wind, Petite Maison and Etiquette. The group join fee is 150L, however the gifts are well worth the join fee.

Let me show you this months gifts. First from Prelude, this stunning gown, the detail and texture are simply superb. Aptly named, "Comme au Cinema Noir".

Prelude KMH Republic Ezura Ganked

Now to get a better look at it...
prelude kmh republic ezura ganked 2

Next, from North Wind a well crafted shirt named Spring Fling. I don't normally shop for male clothing.. but recently I was preparing a blog post for a male shape and couldn't really find what I was looking for. Therefore, the Prelude's Foyer join fee is well worth it for you guys out there that are looking for quality items.

prelude belleza uwst north wind 2

And the studio shot :
prelude belleza Uwst North wind

From Etiquette, this simple yellow tank paired with a pair of jeans I already had neatly folded in my inventory ;-)

prelude pixeldolls Vanity hair ayy

Where you can get all of this :

1st and second photo :
Dress : Prelude group gift "Prelude's Foyer" join in world or give them a visit

Hair KMH lucky chair

Skin : Republic 1L

Shoes : Ezura (not free) 388L

Necklace : Ganked rooftop sale 10L

Third and fourth photo :

Shirt : North Wing group gift "Prelude's Foyer" join in world or give them a visit
Skin : Belleza group gift

Last image :

Tank : Etiquette group gift "Prelude's Foyer" join in world or give them a visit
Hair : Vanity Hair 1L - this particular one may not be out, but she usually has one for 1L
Jeans : Pixeldolls (not free) but they do have an MM board for a 75L gift card
Skin : AYY lucky chair


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