Friday, April 16, 2010

D&V Creations 60L sale 17/18 Apr

Elegant, sophisticated, rich, and beautiful...just a few words to describe this chandelier from D&V Creations. This is a beautifully detailed gold and crystal chandelier. It has a crown molding style base where it attaches to the ceiling and then a gold pipe that leads down and branches out for the arms to hold the candles. The pipe is decorated with gold scrolls and separated with a lovely crystal divider. The gold arms hold simple yet elegant white candles with soft yellow flames. Draped over the bottom of the arms are detailed crystal beads, bringing even more elegance and beauty to the piece. This would definitely be a show piece for any home, from shabby chic to high class mansion.

The chandelier is modifiable, so if the white base does not go with your decor, just edit linked parts and change it to a texture that does. It's also transferable and would make a perfect house warming or wedding gift, or a gift for any occasion really. I just added it to my dining room with my elegant black and white dining set from D&V, it looks amazing. I'm just waiting to find texture that goes with my ceiling and I'm all set. *grins* This chandelier is a steal for 60L.

Keep your eye out for my post about D&V Creation's Grand Opening Event that starts Sunday, you won't want to miss it.

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