Monday, April 12, 2010

Nushru* Spring Hunty* Sweetness

It is soo seasonably springlike at the moment that there is a huge explosion of pretty creations, some of which can be scooped up in Hunts. Nushru* is one such label with lovely colourful designs which I have been meaning to feature for some time as I know you Freebie Fashionistas love pretty dresses! Quiver Quintess of Nushu* has a few hunts on in her shop (The EEM Hunt, QFE Hunt & the CAHH - see The Hunt Locations for details). This might a great way to sample some of her creations if you are unfamiliar with her label. She does "pretty" very well & her creations are always fun & original as you can see from the Crystalline Hair* (CAHH) & the sweet little Pink & Yellow Winged Dress (QEHunt). I loved Spring Baby Skin @ Pink Fuel & the Spring Fling Hair* plus the In Blooom Hair* @ Shag (Themeory Project @ the weekend-see pic 1,2,3,4) & so couldn't resist throwing them in too!

Cute ladybug glasses are also from Nushru* which are just adorable! Shape is Tallulah @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes which is a tall, pretty shape about to be released to mark the expansion of the shop. It was getting far to squashy in there!

The gorgeous Pink & Yellow Winged Dress is just perfect for your fluffy fairy days...

CAH Hunt Crystaline hair is a fun hair to wear (swimming perhaps? reminds me soo much of my mother's swimming cap! (albeit more fashionable..lolz!)

Super cute Spring Fling* braided Hair @ Shag...

~Spring Baby Skin in Honey @ Pink Fuel ($75 on Project Themeory event)
~Tallulah Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (coming soon)
~Spring Fling & In Bloom Hair @ Shag ($75 Project Themeory Event)
~Peg Dress (Top/& 3rd Pic) @ Nushru (Free! on EEM Hunt. Tip: Ask Allegra)
~Pink & Yellow winged Dress @ Nushru (Free! on QE Hunt Tip: Ask Nicollette)
~Pink Satin Bondar Pumps (top pic) @ Adoring Charms (Free!Subscribo) Tip: Free skin here too if you haven't already got it!
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