Friday, April 9, 2010

Likka House

I feel pretty when I'm in something from Likka House. Don't you just love that feeling ??

Likka house has a beautiful gown out as a gift here to celebrate the opening of a new little shop. Gorgeous pale yellow gown flows just like a spring breeze, I love it !!

likka 4

Now if yellow is just not your thing, then you can find something similar in red on the lucky board at the Likka House's main store. The skirt comes in two options, glow and normal. Again, the skirt flows and moves in such a unique way.

likka 1

Likka House also has a beautiful gown out for the Haiti releif : The Name of the Rose in Beige. It's stunning, the roses are beautifully crafted and placed in such a way that I just want to look at myself.. now how vain is that ?? Blushes. Come on, I bet you do it sometimes too !;-)

The Name of the Rose in beige is 50L and it goes to chairty !! So worth while ! It's one of those items that you just can not pass up ! Regular price is 300L.

likka 3

likka 2

likka 5

Poses : Flowey

Stops looking at herself and gets to work ;-)


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