Friday, April 23, 2010

Ear Candy 24/25 April 60L sale

Mess of Nature set from Ear Candy for 60L. When you think mess, you don't usually think jewelry, or pretty, or fun...but this set is all three. It's silver with light and dark blue, and light and dark green with all kinds of fun designs mixed in with solid colors. You have a single, thick, ridged bangle for your left wrist and multiple small bangles for your right wrist. The necklace and earrings each have a dove holding a safety pin, yes a safety pin *grins*, holding a butterfly, a flower/sprocket looking object, and a leaf. It sure does sound like a mess, doesn't it? *laughs* But just look how pretty and fun it is! And Maeve has designed the earrings to be worn two ways, she provides two sets so you can wear one facing forward or one facing out...isn't she so thoughtful?

Ohhhh, I've been wondering what to wear for my niece's spring, school picnic...this will be perfect! All the kids are going to love this set, and all the mom's are going to be jealous from all the attention I'm getting. Hmmm, and I know Tyler's single dad will be there, this will be a wonderful ice breaker. Maybe I will "accidentally" break the strap on the back of my sun dress and ask his dad to help me fix it using one of the safety pins from this set. Sweet...thanks Maeve, you're the best! Now should I wear my hair up so he has a constant view of my graceful neck and nibble worthy ears, or down so he has to brush his fingers across my skin to move my hair when he attaches the pin? *shivers* Decisions, decisions! Go show your odd-ball, playful, sweet, whimsical side and head over to Ear Candy for this great set.

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