Friday, April 9, 2010

Ela Designs 60L sale / 10 - 11 April

Silver and gray make quite a statement together in Ela Design's Flower Bangles and Rings set. The bangle set for your right wrist has 14 individual pieces in the set, different thicknesses and even some with diamond cuts. The thickest one has little glowy flowers attached to the band with chains and gems hanging from them. For your left wrist you get 5 of the smaller bangles, some with the diamond cut. But it's a three piece set, so you also get the two rings included. One ring is four bands with a flower attachment, and the other is three bands and Elara has carried over the flower with dangling chain and gems idea into it. As I am sure you all know by now, there is nothing plain or mundane about Elara or her creations, and the texturing on the whole set just really makes the pieces even more unique.
I took a close up picture of the bangles for you because the texturing is so great you just needed to see it better, click the pic to enlarge. And the whole three piece set is just 60L.
Next up we have something I haven't seen anywhere else in SL. I'm not saying it's not out there, but I've been to a lot of It's a lower forearm piercing. I've never seen one of these in real life either and couldn't find it in online search! They have forearm piercings, but nothing like this. It puts me in mind of a very loose chain-mail. It's silver chains all connected together and pierced into the skin in 10 places. You have two larger chains connected to the piercings on either side of the wrist, then five of the same style chains going horizontal to connect them that way, then the smaller chain going straight down the middle. Plus two cute little rose buds dangling by your wrist from two separate chains. It's very Elara style unique, and hot and sexy. So be the first to own an awesome forearm piercing. How can you not for just 60L?
Get over to Ela Design's this weekend and pick up the bangle and ring set, or the never before seen forearm piercing...60L each.

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