Friday, April 23, 2010

Snowpaw Fashions 24/25 Apr 60L sale

Sizzling, Steaming, Hot, Hot, Hot! Mmmmmm Mmmmmm, you HAVE to see this dress from Snowpaw Fashions. It's a form fitting, very deep red, crocheted dress that will have everyone's mouth and women alike. It's tube style, so it leaves your upper breasts and shoulders bare, and comes with long detached sleeves. It's sexy, lovely, and hot without being trashy. And crochet is just a beautiful weave that allows you to keep cool under any pressure. *smiles* Just remember not to wear it in the sun too long. I remember when my mom had a crocheted swim suit. It was two piece style but with a strip down the belly connecting the pieces. Well her tan lines after that day were just hilarious!!! *laughs loudly* Not that you'd wear this to the beach, it's definitely more a cocktail party or club dress. But you can wear it anywhere you want to turn heads!

Yes it will take a daring woman to wear this dress with all the holes from the needlework, but we could all use a little daring in our lives every now and then. And looks how sexy it is? I mean, how could you pass this up? Your man sure won't pass me up when I walk by wearing mine. *laughs*

Mmmmm, I'm definitely taking this on my trip to Paris next month for my Rez Day. Hmm, wonder how it would hold up sky diving from the Eiffel Tower? *giggles* Yes I'm kidding, I'm going to wear a skirt that will fly up and show my whole butt for that one...lmao Kidding! Kidding! Get your sexy booties over to Snowpaw Fashion's this weekend and snatch this dress up quickly.

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