Friday, April 9, 2010

Ear Candy 60L sale / 10 - 11 April

Go for the gold at Ear Candy this weekend, or at least golden. *smiles* Maeve is offering this very cool Leaf Frenzy set for the 60L sale, and it's very classy and fun at the same time. You get a necklace, earrings, a belly chain, and even the boots! All the jewelry is done is a very pretty, slightly aged, gold. The necklace has long links that lay very pretty against your skin, with a hoop and three large leaves dangling, also a small leaf in the hoop. For the earrings the hoop dangles from one leaf and has three larger leaves hanging from that. The belly chain is actually two chains, one has one leaf as decoration, the other has a hoop with a series of leaves hanging from it. And you can't forget the matching ankle boots. They are made of a soft leather, buttery gold in color, sweet texture with the buckle going around the ankle and the stitched loops on either side at the top.

I just had to put together a bad ass, classy, rocker chick look for this great set, just to show how versatile it is. Now I'm ready to go out and parrrrrrtayyyyyyy all night long. I wonder if the band will invite me up on stage? I'm thinking once the gold bling catches their eye they won't be able to resist. *makes sure the leaves are nestled nicely between her breasts* Hmmm, that should do it. And if not I can always 'absentmindedly' play with the belly chains, letting them slide and glisten against my soft skin. Yeah. Drum roll please.....

{The next afternoon} Schwing!!! At least that's what the base player said...LOL And let me tell you, I rocked him ALL night long. *grins and wiggles her butt*

Well get your sexy bootys over to Ear Candy and pick up this great set, let's go beat together.


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