Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alt Fair

There is some real yummy stuff at the Alt Fair. I'll have to go back and pick up some of the great items out for Nothing but Net. A charity that helps purchase bed nets in an effort to help prevent the spread of Malaria.

If you can spare even 1L, please do so and make a donation. Every little linden counts.

alt fair 1

alt fair 2

As with any fair, help keep lag down and take off as much as possible !!!

Items shown are gifts from vendors and 0 - 1L

Wrist Wrap : Draconic Kiss
Hair : Curous Kitties
Dress : SMOTD
Collar : Emo-tions
Mouth attachement : IrEn
Skin : Mango Mango

Pose : Vivaposes (Gaga number 3)

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